The biggest news coming out of the West End in Las Vegas is that the big fish casino is getting ready to expand. That news is breaking not only in the online gaming world but also in the big casino sports books in Vegas, where we previously wrote about the pending merger of the Bellagio and the Venetian. The new plan for the Bellagio involves a “flipping” strategy designed to generate excitement and take advantage of some recent trends in the industry. Most importantly, the Bellagio is expanding its Macao Island 먹튀 casino into a flagship location in Las Vegas’ biggest entertainment district. Here’s what we know:

Big Fish Casino

The new betting back end for Big Fish Casino is coming from Betable, a social betting startup that has raised an undisclosed amount of capital from a select group of private investors led by Greylock, Crunch Funding, Yuri Milner, and members of the Board of Directors of Silk Way, LLC. Betable plans to create an iPhone and iPad application that allows its customers to place bets on either live big fish casino games or on the Bellagio’s existing slot machines and poker chips. Although it is unclear at this point whether the application will be free or a subscription model will be required, the move is being viewed by many insiders as a long-overdue move in the direction of mobile gambling.

As previously reported, the Bellagio is planning a major revamping of its classic hotel/resort theme. In addition to the hotel and resort revamp, Steve Albiran’s plan includes several major upgrades to the current slots and table game collections. Specifically, Steve plans to add “super VIP” reward options, such as the” VIP Green Point” collection and the” VIP Silver Circle” collection. The “VIP Green Point” reward program will offer special incentives to players who gamble with real money, as opposed to points that can be used for food, drinks, and other options. The “VIP Silver Circle” reward program will offer five different single-use codes for food, drinks, and free spins on the slots.

In addition to revamping the casino’s offerings, Steve is also considering taking the company in a different direction. While the Bellagio is considered one of the largest and most successful traditional Las Vegas resorts, Steve has indicated that he envisions the company growing significantly in the future. In fact, he mentioned the possibility of creating two new gaming divisions, one focused on gaming and the other on social casinos. Though he declined to provide further details on what he had in mind, Steve indicated that he sees the potential benefits of adding hotels, and apartments to the Bellagio’s portfolio, and believes that gaming revenue can increase as a result.

Although Steve seems quite confident about the prospects of developing more casinos, he acknowledges that this is something that requires a great deal of patience and effort on the part of the company. “We’re not in a position where we can launch all of these new endeavors immediately,” he said. “But with the right strategy and the right partners, you can expect to see a lot more innovations in our business in the very near future.” Whether or not Steve will be able to pull this off remains to be seen, but the prospect is exciting, to say the least.

If Steve can pull it off, he has the opportunity to create a revolution in the way that people play in the future casino industry, one that could have a significant positive impact on the number of consumers who choose to spend their hard-earned money in Las Vegas casinos. If you are an avid gamer, you should certainly look into the new Big Fish Games app. Not only will you be able to play against other players, but you may also be able to use your Big Fish Casino account to purchase real-world goods.

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