Before we go to the main topic of the famous scandal that happened in America. You will need to know what is betting and what a scandal is.

What is betting?

Betting is a term used for the use of money used to predict the outcome of a certain thing you are putting your money on, and also this is a kind of gambling but is different from gambling.

This is because gambling is a use of money to play a game where the money is used as leverage to play a game, and you will have to put in money every round so that you can win and take it back.

Betting is different as betting is done on a certain thing like sports, racing, gamin, etc. These are the different topics on which gambling is mostly done, but the most used topic is sports.

The international and professional sports match is made, and the cash prize is very high as well as there are high rollers who come and bet money to win the double amount back and this requires a lot of study and research.

What is the scandal?

A scandal is an act where people use money so that they can buy the honesty of someone and turn them into a betrayer so that the person busing money can profit from it.

Scandal is usually done in the game of sports matches. Here, there is a match captain who is offered money by the high rollers. So that they can make a huge profit from betting on a particular 먹튀검증 team which they want to win.

The most popular scandal which is currently happening is done in the sports called cricket. Here, there is two-team of 11 players who compete against each other to defeat the other team and win the match.

What is the famous betting scandal?

This so-called famous scandal took place in the year 1919 in the USA. In the famous baseball game due to a huge fan base of spectators and people ready to bet on the winning team. 

The scandal was something like this. When in the World Series of 1919 the teams called Chicago White Sox played against Cincinnati reds. This is considered the greatest scandal in history.

A professional gambler named Joseph Sullivan had paid eight members of the Chicago White Sox team. In order to lose the game purposely so that he can make some profit out of it.

He had also promised these players that he would give them some amount of money from the profit. Moreover, because they had helped him out a lot by agreeing to do it.

Joseph Sullivan was caught by the police. All the officials of the match knew that the players were acting strange. Therefore, they started investigating and found out the truth.

After that, all eight players were banned from joining any team and playing any game. Irrespective of international or local game. As they had committed the crime of taking bribe.

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